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Resident Evil
Paul W. S. Anderson

Well now, well now!! Resident Evil, apart from having the sexiest arse kicking zombie fatales in history, this movie was very well acted, written and directed. There is somewhat the basis of the video game and there are even some of the little moments from the game, such as the cawing crows; Paul Anderson has done the game justice in my eyes.
Even though some critics thought the CGI and acting was too unrealistic and over the top, from Chester’s P.O.V I think it was done just right! Remembering that the movie is based on a video game, it really illustrated a video games transition to the big screen, and lets not forget there have been many, MANY transitions from game to movie, which really have been poor, to say the least.
After the release of Res Evil 2, 3 and 4 you can really see what Paul Anderson was aiming for and wanting from the game, however, I personally would have loved to have seen Romero’s version of this, given it was almost a done deal.

Chester says go out and treat yourselves to an exciting well-done movie.


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