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Warning Sign
Hal Barwood

This movie was a very cool flick; it had many touches of various modern movies such as Resident Evil and 28 Days Later.
Great acting from G.W Bailey (Police Academy), Kathleen Quinlan (Breakdown) and Sam Waterston (The Killing Fields). This movie was a very good depiction of what they had to work with in the 80’s as far as effects go. This is not a super bloody movie, nor is it by today’s standards, too hard to believe to make it SCI-FI. Warning Signs did take some time to actually get into; although it was slow at times, it was worth the wait. With directing by Hal Barwood, who also directed and wrote video games back in the day, it was very well done. I like to think that this movie could almost be remade, but due to the influx of other cross genre movies I highly doubt it.

So, to this movie that popped out of the Chest of Horrors for an hour and forty minutes I say, “Watch it, but make sure you have some candy and popcorn”.


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