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The Lords of Salem
Rob Zombie

This film by Rob Zombie was not received very well, critics really chewed this one a new… BUT luckily Rob Zombie makes movies from his vision, and I’m glad he did.
Personally, I loved this film; filled with a great story and cool acting, it is for sure one of my favorites from 2012.  I understand some people might not like the setting, acting or even the story, but from a creative standpoint it was just straight up great.  I loved the scenes with Sheri in the park with her dog and the twisted, masturbating, demon priests near the end of the film was a very strange curveball. 
Watching this film, at times felt like there was a slight presence of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, which for me was ok.  Whether it was Rob’s decision or the repercussions of the reviews, it was rumored that this movie would be his last horror for a while.

Treat yourself to pizza and a movie night…watch this flick!


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