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Exit 33
Tommy Brunswick

I can say without any hesitation that this movie was terrible, but in no way does this decision affect my like for Kane Hodder as an actor.
So, onto the review itself…
Pathetic, desperate movie writers such as Norman Koza and Mark Myers clearly show their desperation to use shock horror, by showing at the opening credits and final credits, deer being slaughtered and skinned up close and personal. With the faint, creepy, country music playing in the background, you would think the need for this opening is to convey that Ike is a hunter, but no, there was no need to do this because during the movie, the dialogue explains this. In fact the whole bones of the movie is based on Ike (Kane Hodder) out hunting and accidently killing his wife and unborn child.
We are supposed to believe that Ike is a seasoned killer, yet he leaves/forgets to clean the 'human' jerky when making it or selling it; when a cop finds a ring in his jerky should we not be asking how an experienced killer would forget to clean his meat products.
I am a person who loves to name and shame so I will. The bad, BAD acting by many actors in this movie, excluding Kane Hodder (I'm hoping the one million it took to make this movie was his payment for starring in it); the numerous acting fouls in this film are plentiful and very annoying. I found this not only hard to take the film seriously as a low budget horror, but to follow the story itself.

The ratings on this film by IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes, in my view, were still too generous. The quite quaint little gas station called Ike's off Exit 33 should stay just there, OFF Exit 33 and off the TV. Don't waste your time horror fans.


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