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Area 407
Dale Fabrigar / Everette Wallin

Is it aliens? Is it strange dinosaurs? Or is it a weird experiment by the US government?
The movie starts off ok, a little slow and the young girl with the camera is extremely annoying, however, stick it out, it passes!
The movie is dark, due to the fact it is based at night and we are watching via camcorders and cameras.  The movie is rather good, with you being left for a short period of time guessing what is actually hunting them. The up and down of emotions are great and the setting is perfect, clearly reflecting the unknown of Area 51.
Writers Dale Fabrigar, Robert Shepyer and Everette Wallin did an awesome job on this movie; even though the movie contained some CGI and the lighting was limited, the film is very enjoyable.
Many factors make this movie good; the suspense, acting and the direction.  This movie is worth the watch; when you think it's over, think again.
Now for what I didn't like, of course the girl was very annoying not sure if she was supposed to be, but from the moment she opened her mouth I wanted her out of the rest of the movie.

The plot did seem to fail in certain areas, and in occasional areas it did slow down to the point where, if I wanted to go dig a grave I could have and still not missed much. Worth renting or catching on a streaming channel!


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