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Stake Land
Jim Mickle

Did Chester Like this movie? YES!
I thought the movie had almost everything and I would comfortably watch it a good few times before returning it to the Chest.  The interaction with characters, the story and of course the stellar performance's by Paolo, McGillis, Harris and of course the writer and Star Damici.
There are, however, like many movies, those little things that eat at you and make you wonder "WHY DID THEY DO THAT?"  Why would a man that has clearly taken care of himself and can handle himself, take the young boy under his wing?  Was it to uphold the father’s request?  Was it to have a replacement in case something happens to him?  Is it to humanize him as he may have lost his son or wanted a son?
I really enjoyed the intro, I think this is exactly how an intro should be, the build up was good and it didn't just throw cheap effects at you.  Which brings me to the effects, GREAT, just truly excellent.
So on to the movie break down…  A Lone warrior making his way through a country filled with Vampires with nothing but little pockets of survivors.  Gaining a young side kick along the way, saving a nun who was about to be raped and now having her part of the team; picking up a pregnant girl and helping her to leave her town and finally, coming across a guy who escaped a religious group, which seems to work alongside the vampires.
There are some cheesy bits in the film, at one point I thought I was back in 1984 and watching Mr. Miyagi train Daniel-son in the Karate Kid.
Also a few things never change; driving through America you lose some really good stations on the radio but you can ALWAYS pick up a religious one.
Now for the most important question for me! What's the deal with the Attic Vampire girl?
When she came down the stairs and was crawling over towards Martin she seemed calm, almost as if she was not in any way wanting to, or needing to attack.  Did the Vampire evolve?
Now, I enjoy traveling and on occasion my Corpse mobile has almost decided to quit and I can say hand on cold heart, I have never found a whole football field, filled with cars… NEVER!
Now finally when the group pitches tent in the car yard in the middle of nowhere, around the middle of the night vamps start tracking them and finding their way to them.  The group up and run.  When the Nun runs she slips, can't keep up and gets tired.  The rest carry on running, when the nun realizes she can't carry on, she pops a vamp in the head and then runs again, finally she stops.  Tired and given up she pulls the gun and does herself.  Martin turns, who knows how far he is away from her and he stands and acts as if he knows!  Why did he turn on the first shot?

I really did like this film a lot and would recommend it to any horror fan.

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