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Cellar Dweller
John Carl Buechler

When reading the synopsis of this film I was excited and couldn't wait to watch it, however, I was seriously disappointed.  The effects for the creature were good, dare I say very good, but the actual story was weak, very weak.
I was excited before watching, mainly because on paper the plot seemed great, but it was with very slow execution that the actual story was told.  The very fact Yvonne De Carlo stars in this film was a HUGE bonus for me.  Unfortunately for me this film just took far too long to get to any interesting parts, but I stuck it out and I will be honest, I wish I hadn't and just moved on to the next review.
Apart from the creature, the very few good things about the movie are; very good art work, the acting was ok and the setting was not bad.  I just can't get over how slow the movie was, it really did seem like it took ages for any direction of the movie to take place.
The wonder 80's brought us many excellent horror and sci-fi movies but like every decade we get the good and the bad, unfortunately this would fall somewhere between bad and I WISH THEY NEVER ATTEPMTED TO MAKE THIS MOVIE.
I fully promote and support low budget horror, not everyone has a production company like Warner Bros like Joel Schumacher did with The Lost Boys in 1987.
Cellar Dweller is like oh-so-many low budget movies; has potential but lacks somewhat!
I really couldn't wait for this one to end… 77 minutes of my time is not a lot but it was enough!

So as for this one creepers, keep your peepers away!!

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