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The Philadelphia Experiment
Stewart Raffill

This film carried so much weight that I wished it was longer. Do the effects live up to today's standards? No, but they were damn good for the time. The subtle hints of the era of time such as the opening of a coke can, the horror movie running on the TV in the cafe and of course my favorite line, "what's an automatic".
The story held true from start to finish, the acting was solid from every cast member.  For a 1984 Sci-Fi movie this really did hit the mark in all areas.  The very few weaknesses were made up in almost non-stop motion of story and character development.
One weakness that has stood out and kinda bugs me a little is the lightning strikes, they were a little to humm hum; in relation to the plot and to continue the story being futuristic and Sci-Fi they needed some of this, but I feel it may have been over kill.
Would I recommend this movie?  For sure.  Would I want to own this movie? YEP.

Go on out and watch this, however you can, it's worth it.

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