Chester Horrors

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Anthony Hickox

This movie is almost a pinnacle for any horror fan.
The movie itself screams 80's and the lasting effect it leaves is almost cult.
A simple story of friends out to view a waxwork exhibition turns into a night of murder, mystery and mayhem.  The secret behind this wax works is that it has the potential to end the world.
The absolute best thing about the movie is that it was made.
Not many movies out there have werewolves, zombies, vampires, swamp monsters, serial killers and many more evil monsters exposed in 1 hour and 30 minutes but this film does.
Being released at the end of the 80's it really did capture everything many people wanted in a horror movie.  With this magical museum no one is safe, with each visitor having his or her own nightmare, fantasy and curiosity challenged.

I sincerely enjoyed this movie; I have nothing but respect for any writer or director who, in the 80's, gave us such great memorable movies.

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