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A Nightmare on Elm Street
Wes Craven

This review is of course only for the original NOES 1984 because the 2010 in my mind and opinion did not do the Elm Street franchise any justice.
The original was such a huge success in many ways, the budget was 1.8 million and in its first weekend release took 1.27 million and not only did it create a huge profit but it created some stars including Johnny Depp, Robert Englund and of course had a bunch of already successful actors including John Saxon and Ronee Blakley.

When Freddy was introduced to the public in the franchise he of course was welcomed with much needed arms.  People love to be scared and until Freddy, when we laid our heads to sleep for the night we thought we were safe and all the bad things were gone.  Having a character that can come into our dreams/nightmares is very terrifying. A horror character with such a disturbing past is not unusual but the manner in which his new prey are killed is very unique.  A Nightmare On Elm Street is a fantastic starter horror for people who are just breaking in.  In my mind go big or go home.  Having these school kids having nightmares and slowly being picked off one by one is never nice, but what Freddy wants Freddy gets.  I could write so much and praise this this film so much but instead, I’ll say just one thing…BUY IT! I love this film.

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