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The Midnight Meat Train
Ryûhei Kitamura

So this film really did suck nuts.  I slightly like the start, but lost interest within 30 minutes.
This film reminds me that Hollywood doesn't know what's best.  Brad Cooper was ok acting wise and well lets ALL be honest, Vinnie Jones is only good when he just stands there saying nothing, and even then looking at him is a little blah! 
The story line is weak, very weak, in fact it's like Mother Horror's cuppa tea.  The visual effects were ok, but the actual story was trash. On a budget of 15 million I can't help but think like many movies that budget goes to actors and production crew. The end of this film was just so predictable that I wanted to kick my own butt for sitting there watching it.  The up's and downs in the relationship between Leon (Brad) and Maya (Leslie) were just not believable. 

I did like one thing about this movie, the setting.  I like the train setting, factory, apartment, that all kinda glued and gave the film a good basis, but again I just can't forget how BAD the story was.

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