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Thir13en Ghosts
Steve Beck

Anytime a horror starts out in a junkyard it makes me wonder!  But this was a well-done movie.
Unsure of some things about the story but the premise was well organized, the acting was good by Matthew Lillard and Tony Shalhoub, however, the acting by the little boy 'Bobby' Alec Roberts I thought was so bad and well as this was his last film maybe he thought so too.
This movie had a budget of around $20 Million and for once it seems a majority of it went on effects and not various actors’ paychecks.
One of my absolutely favorite things about this movie is that they went to town on the actual ghosts, giving them life and a story of their own. It reminds me a little of Nightbreed (1990) in that the creatures are very detailed and play a very major role.
This movie had a great mix of explaining the tough situation a father is in; to the choices people make for the want of money and security for family.
There is a something about this movie that just makes it good and not great but I can't seem to put my cold finger on it. The setting is great and the house is amazing, shifting glass walls, gold trim, a huge mechanical thingy under the floor...now that's pretty impressive.

However, if I arrived at this house, I would have questioned all the darn writing inscribed on the walls.

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