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The Legend of Hell House
John Hough

I was doing some digging around and came across this little gem in the rough.
Of course upon first look, I thought dated, VERY dated, but when I sat back with my glass of the red stuff and relaxed, I actually realized something about this movie.  It is rather very good.
Plot, acting and scenery are all very well done. A rich old man hires a parapsychologist and a group of other specialists to find out about life after death. Of course with much skepticism the Dr. agrees to take the challenge and what lies ahead is something that does go bump in the night. 
I've yet to use this word in any of my reviews, but this film is RICH.  The acting is fantastic, very well cast and the script was very well written.  The hour and 35 minutes this film runs was well worth it, it made me appreciate many things about movie making back in the early 70's. From the Amazing Jaguar used, to the castles and churches to create this amazing movie, it was excellent.
My only fault with this movie is the smog/fog when entering the house, was a little over the top.  Yes, in the English countryside it does get foggy, but I feel the machine used to replicate and assist with the fog was a little over the top.
Overall view, I love it.
Great movie with loads of things to see...

Go watch it for yourself and like your old friend Chester here have a good old time.

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