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Albert Pyun

So this movie was a last minute view and this proves even Chester makes mistakes!  I wish I had chosen something else.  The story of a sad teenager whose mother committed suicide is blah at best.  With some pop ups of some actors we have all come to recognize like Seth Green and Megan Ward, it still didn't save the film.
I'm not sure if the writer/director was aiming for some breakfast club meets Prayer of the Rollerboys miss-match. I get it, the revolution of video games in the early 90's took off in a big way, but this movie didn't represent it very well.
The over the top effects and the campiness (could have been intended) was almost too much for old Chester to handle in one sitting.  When watching this I could almost hear a bunch of teenagers in the early/mid 90's screaming and saying "I wanna play".
Oh how we have come a long way since this.  When watching the effects and graphics, it reminds me of a show in England that ran through the 80's and 90's called "Knightmare", this all was based in a CGI world.
This movie may have been a budget blower with effects, but gee whiz was it a yawn!

One time watching this is enough for anyone!

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