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The Slumber Party Massacre
Amy Holden Jones

Oh how we loved the 80’s!
This movie really captured many things the 80’s represented. Even if the director and her husband had a thing for doing unusual shots of butt’s and boob’s.
Plot style was very typical for the era and even today, it still is entertaining that a person may escape from a mental institute and go on a killing spree.
Sexy girls having a sleep over and messing around and at a neighboring house an “Unpopular girl” who also attends the same school as the playful girlies next door is left to babysit her younger sister, who has a thing for sharing her older sisters playgirl!
Some thing’s about the movie are just a little too…YAWN… like how the pizza dude is missing his eyes and clearly dead, yet Jackie (Andree Honore) still wanted to eat!
Or, how when you have knocked the killer, Russ Thorn (Michael Villela), down to the floor and he looks to be out cold, instead of walking around him in the 10-14 foot gap the young distraught babe makes a decision to step over him…Makes sense right??

The movie is entertaining and has its moments of “That was so bad it’s good”, however, escaping the screaming hot teen babe’s who are spoiled and very curious and maybe look a little older than playing age, its not a bad movie. It is a typical slasher flick, but it’s worth a watch. Rent it and laugh.

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