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Ghoulies II
Albert Band

This movie takes old Chester back to a time in the 80’s when horror was being mocked on a fairly regular basis. Not that there’s anything wrong with “Ghoulies 1,2,3,4”.
Do the movies make me laugh? Yes… Do they scare me? Not so much. But just the thought of these small creatures with a thirst for blood, is to me, on the creepy side.
The effects were pretty good for the time, and I’m choosing “Ghoulies 2” because I love everything about carnivals and theme parks.
The stage is set! The little buggars are on their way to a carnival, one that they will for sure have some great fun at. With useless security, an arrogant carnival owner and the mix bag that are the ever-loving carny folk, this has to be a great film.
With ‘Night of the Living Dead (1990)’ actor, William Butler, who plays Merle tangled in this movie as a young mischievous teen, in the wrong place at the wrong time, it topped off my opinion about the movie. I love it.
Little bit of nudity, action, romance, jealousy and of course comedy, it’s a fun movie to watch and own. Of course another link to this movie is actor “Phil Fondacaro” who was in Romero’s Land of the Dead 2005 as Chihuahua. However, the one thing about the movie I felt was strange was how Larry (Damon Martin) was sitting next to his Uncle Ned (Royal Dano) in a scene and was stroking his leg! Very weird…but still whatever floats, rocks and sinks your boat.

I really love the series of Ghoulies, I own them and glad I do! Watch ‘em you’ll enjoy them!

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