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Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II
Bruce Pittman

Shoot me please!
The director, Bruce Pittman and writer, Ron Oliver, tried to sculpt a movie from a pile of crap. What did they make…a sculpted pile of crap! I dislike using the word HATE but... I HATE this bloody movie. It was just plain awful, boring, pretentious and riding on coat tails. I really have no idea where to start.
The acting was terrible; the camera work was that of a drunk, belligerent independent filmmaker who’s heart is not in it. It seemed like the budget was blown on the catering or securing location because it wasn’t blown on effects.
I honestly do know how hard it is to make a movie, I have written, acted and directed and even done editing and know it can be hard, grueling and extremely frustrating. So I do respect them for attempting to make a movie but…geez.
I would pay to NOT see this movie again.
This pains me so I’m going to make it quick!
So the story; it’s the mid-late 50’s, rock ‘n’ roll just took center stage at proms and hit many radio stations around the world. Some chic who’s a dirty little slut ends up wanting it all! She gets killed ‘by accident’; many years pass and she comes back to get revenge on the next prom queen.
Sorry folks but I really did hate this movie.

I would say if you have seen it sorry! If you haven’t, DON’T!

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