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The Fly
David Cronenburg

Jeff Goldblum in his hay day, how delightful. When I first watched this movie back in the 80’s I couldn’t help but think WHAT THE… But from watching it over time, it actually was rather good and ahead of its time in respect of budget and storyboard.
When Jeff and Geena are talking at the start I can’t help but think, WOW how they do look alike; cheekbones, lips, dark eyes and even the dark wavy hair.
Now, I did find it a little strange when this scientist/mad man (Goldblum) hits on the lovely Veronica (Geena) and invites her back to his apartment for cappuccino, which gives the impression it would be a nice apartment, but when pulling up to a set of dirty abandoned looking factories in what looks to be the wastelands of America, Veronica didn’t question his motives… strange. Then when showing his little “Telepods” off to Veronica he does a voice match into the mother computer (looks like a Commodore on steroids) for verification, however, he then proceeds to whisper into the computer on what he wants it to do… WHY?? He has voice verification on the thing, it’s not like Veronica is going to go Sarah Connor or Ripley on his ass and carry the pods and computer out under her arms.
The break down of change with Seth as he changes into the fly is great, even the medicine cabinet with his body parts is a great look at how he is going through the change.
Overall this movie was good and I do like the relationship between Veronica and Seth, although this was not the first time in the 80’s Jeff and Geena had acted together (Transylvania 6-5000). The Fly 1986, considering that it’s a remake from the 1958 version with David Hedison and Vincent Price, it was for sure brought up to date with effects and overall character development.

This is a movie you should buy, watch and watch again… It’s a good Friday night movie.

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