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The Terror
Roger Corman, Francis Ford Coppola, Jack Hale, Monte Hellman, Jack Hill, Dennis Jakob, Jack Nicholson

I’m not sure why, may have been the actors, setting or even the time but this movie was okÔÇŽnot great but ok. I did enjoy the acting and with a handful of actors they made as much as they could with what they had and this was seen in the movie.
Love the castle by the sea, love the under castle tunnel to the sea, all these things added up to very nice movie stills and shots. But, I feel there were just a few things that were missing which could have made the story better. The bird, the old lady and the jilted lover were all good, but just didn’t do it for me.
Certain elements to the script and adjustments of direction for sure could have saved the movie. In saying that I would not completely write it off. It had Nicholson, Miller, Knight and of course Karloff. The young and very bright-eyed Nicholson played the part well, however the strange undertone battle of dominance and superiority between Baron Victor (Karloff) and Lt. Andre Duvalier (Nicholson) just kept throwing me off. Towards the end of the movie was when it really lost me.

I’m not sure whether some mind altering substances would help me understand the actual story of Helene, Katrina and the story of Eric but in the end it is a movie worth watching at least once! SO drag ya butt to the store or Internet and watch it!

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