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Silent Night, Deadly Night
Charles E. Sellier Jr.

Ok, so usually at an attempt of innocent scare we have creepy and scary kids! Well in this movie hats off to the Grandad (Will Hare)!! I really enjoy this movie every time I watch it; it’s got a lot to offer horror fans and is written in true 80’s fashion. This can be seen in the style of acting, props and of course corny lines. The build up to the story was good, not too long on each period of Billy’s (Robert Brian Wilson) life. The story of Billy in the orphanage with his brother plays an important role throughout the movie; an 8-year-old Billy (Danny Wagner) knocking Santa on his ass, what more could be funnier.
For some reason Sister Margaret (Gilmer McCormick) didn’t seem to age! She looked the same when Billy was 8 as she did when he was 18‚Ķhmmm
The deaths in the film were good, there were some strange bits in the movie; the overly hairy ass of Billy in his nightmare, the way Helen, once she acquired the axe and is about to smash the window to escape, decides to stop and turn around and look at Billy.

Not only is this a good horror movie, it really is a movie to watch at Christmas. So wrap those presents, grab your bottle and chips and throw this on the TV. You won’t regret it!

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