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Maniac Cop
William Lustig

The 80's wouldn't have been a slasher era if it wasn't for "Voorhees, Krueger and Myers" but because of these icons, many other Killers and thrillers just got over shadowed. With great performances from actors like 'Tom Atkins, Bruce Campbell and Robert Z'Dar', Maniac Cop was a real good flick to grab the popcorn and spend the Friday night just chilling and watching. The film has a great story and even though a few critics back in the day classed it "Uninteresting” and a “Clone of Friday the 13th" this movie is full of great 1980's cheesiness.
Classic one liners, fantastic suspenseful killings and, as one could expect from the 1980's, a very cool way of camera shooting. Maybe the shooting was because of budget, maybe because of the equipment, but maybe it was done like it because it was a tried and tested method o f shooting horror.
I recommend this film BUT I would STOP at watching it one time only!

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