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Planet of the Apes
Franklin J. Schaffner

"Those damn dirty apes!"
Sci-fi at its best?  Not for me! This movie really didn't do anything for ol' Chester.
Don't get me wrong, the acting and directing was top notch, but whenever I see Roddy McDowall in a movie from the 70's 80's or 90's all I think and see is 'Peter Vincent', his famous character from the 1985 horror 'Fright Night'. Planet does have a cult following and this is seen in its collectible merchandise and popular references in today's media, but all this said, it still can't sway me to like it.
I understand what they were aiming for, I watched the movie closely many times but after the 3rd viewing, I needed to own up to it. Planet of the Apes sucked for me!
I enjoyed the acting and I loved the cinematography and I would have been content in saying after the first time that it sucked but as a reviewer and Horror and Sci-fi enthusiast I owed it to myself to try and try again. If you haven't seen Planet (ORIGINAL) you should but just the once is good enough, who knows you may love it and watch it again, again and again..But for me this is a catch on cable not a movie to own.

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