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Body Bags
John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, Larry Sulkis

I love this style of movies, a few short stories inside the whole movie. This has a great setting and stars the director John Carpenter as the horror host "The Coroner". With great directing, writing and acting talent I was surprised they never followed through and made this a series as originally planned.
The Gas Station: This is the least of my favorites. It was good but I just felt this particular story required more time, more story and more characters. There were a few parts of this story that I didn't buy, BUT none the less I did enjoy the direction of the story. Of course the pop up of David Naughton of “American Werewolf in London” fame didn’t hurt the story.
Hair: LOVED IT! It was a sci-fi horror delight. Stacy Keach leads this story and man what a story. I think many middle-age men may relate to this one, however, vanity applies to all! There was a great twist in the story and the longer the story went on the more I wished it was a feature. It had a little bit of an abrupt ending, but it worked.
Eye: Great story, however, this story will forever leave three words imprinted in my head: Luke Skywalkers Butt! Yep Mark Hamill gets his funk on and we are left with visions of his ass. However, back to the story… This story reminds me of a movie made 2 years earlier called "Body Parts" same premise just different part of the body. The acting was great and it did have a great ending.
Body Bags is a MUST see and buy. YOU owe it to yourself to own this movie.

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