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Knife Edge

There are 2 things I loved about this movie! The anticipation of watching and the second it was over! Oh wait… I did love the mansion and surrounding scenery.
The plot was almost immediate. The haunting and creepy words of “Can I Play” from little Thomas (Mile Ronayne) are enough to send shivers down ones spine.
The Camera work is great; the surprise party is ARRRGGGGHHHH!!! Can one say “fake as poop”, sometimes people try too hard to make a perfect scene!
There are times when you should just accept the first, maybe second take and be done!!
Overall the movie itself is ok, I really just can’t get over the poor acting though!
The haunting music is a nice touch to an otherwise boring hour and 30 minute movie.

I wouldn’t write home about this and I sure as hell wouldn’t recommend buying it!

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